styling hoodie man

The Man’s Guide to Looking Fantastic in a Hoodie

The hoodie is one of the greatest inventions in clothing. It’s warm. It’s comfortable. It layers easily. And when you get the right fit, it can be surprisingly flattering to a lot of different body types.

Plus, a great hoodie will stay with you for years. So with that in mind, it’s about time you start giving it the respect it deserves. Stop wearing the hoodie as if it was only for lazy days when you just don’t care about your appearance.

The hoodie can be so much more than a lazy day go-to item! Read this tips and start styling your hoodie so that it can actually be part of a handsome and flattering casual look.

Get Something More Form Fitting

You don’t want your hoodie to be so tight it almost suffocates you but you also don’t want something baggie and loose. Go for something with a comfortable but formed fit that subtly shows off your arms and torso without looking like a wetsuit.

styling hoodie man

As a man, you probably aren’t one for shopping around and trying on multiple options. But, trust us, you need to try on a few different fits to figure out which size and cut of hoodie looks the best on your shape.

The good news is that once you find the one, you can commit and then just make sure you buy that cut and fit from this point forward.

Stick to Monochrome Tones

Bright colors tend to look tacky on men. Yes, there are definitely exceptions but as a general rule, you want to stick with blacks, greys, browns, and other neutral tones. You should also generally stick to the darker end of the color spectrum as this will help add a stronger element of style to your casual look.

If you want to break from neutral tones and add color to your wardrobe, go for muted colors. A deep maroon, olive green, or navy blue hoodie can look just as stylish as a black one. Look for ones that work well with your skin tone, hair and eyes.

Pair your hoodies with dark denim and light toned T shirts.

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Layering a Hoodie with Class

A hoodie and suit jacket are not going to get along well. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that the men’s hoodie just doesn’t have the ability to look very professional. At best, it can be worn as part of a casual Friday outfit. But it’s never going to be able to replace the suit.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t look classy and stylish when you’re going casual. A hoodie pairs especially well with a leather jacket. Bomber jackets are another great option.

Denim jackets can be paired with hoodies but you want to make sure you choose a nice clean denim that looks good. If it’s tattered and rugged looking, the combo with the hoodie will give you a look that says “unemployed” more than it says “stylish.”

In terms of pants, it probably gets along best with jeans, especially dark tones like navy blue and black. But it can also be put with dark toned slacks as well. Shoes should be clean cut sneakers rather than loafers.

styling hoodie man

And they should never ever be sandals. I mean, seriously, in what season does it make sense to wear a hoodie and sandals?

The rules are pretty simple with hoodies. The most important thing is definitely finding the right fit. A well-fitting hoodie will make all the difference.

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