Layer Up a T Shirt

How to Wear Your Fav T Shirts in Winter (And Not Freeze to Death)

One of the saddest parts of the winter season is looking at all your warm weather clothes and remembering the days when you could walk out of the house in nothing but your favorite pair of shorts and an awesome T shirt.

Now, it takes you like 45 minutes to get into your winter gear and the bitter winter wind still seems to find some way to get underneath it all and freeze you. Well, luck has arrived. There is a way to keep those T shirts in rotation through the winter.

You’re just going to have to get a little creative (and maybe a lot more tolerant to cold weather).

Layer Up

The key to surviving any winter is to layer up. This helps you deal with the temperature change between outdoors and the (hopefully) heated indoors. As temperatures change, you can easily remove layers.

Layer Up a T Shirt

Make your favorite T shirt one of these layers! You can wear a fitted long sleeve shirt (preferably of a warm, soft material like merino wool) underneath your T shirt for a cozy layered look.

You can also wear a thick, cozy cardigan or zipped hoodie that you can open up to expose your awesome T shirt underneath.

Minimize Heat Loss

There are certain parts of our bodies that are more sensitive to heat loss than others. So that means covering these parts will do a better job of making us feel warm even on the most brutally cold of winter days.

Your head is probably the most sensitive to temperature drops. It starts to feel cold at the slightest hint of chill. Your neck and chest are similarly sensitive. Your legs and arms, on the other hand, can withstand more severe temperature drops without panicking.

Layer Up a T Shirt

That means on the right winter day, you can pull of wearing a T shirt without any coat on top as long as you wear a cozy beanie and scarf. When choosing a beanie, make sure you get one that fully covers your ears. It will make a huge difference. And your scarf should be bulky enough to cover your entire neck.

Build Your Tolerance

Everyone has their limits. Those who grew up in arctic level cold generally have a higher ability to withstand colder temperatures.

This is why you see people up North wearing shorts and T shirt and enjoying a nice ice cream in 40 degree weather while people from warmer climates would be shivering in their parkas and snow pants in the same temperature.

If you want to get away with wearing a T shirt in winter, one of the best things you can do is start building up your tolerance to the cold. Try wearing one less layer each day or going out in the morning in shorts and T shirt and standing in the cold for as long as you can.

Layer Up a T Shirt

Do not put yourself at risk though. Always bring a spare layer in case the cold is too much for you or the temperature suddenly drops. In a pinch, you can also try jumping up and down or breaking into a jog for a bit to get your blood pumping. This will warm you up.

Get Sweater Versions

If the winters where you live just are not possible to get through in a T shirt, you don’t want to risk your life for those awesome T shirts. Luckily, there are some businesses that sell sweater and hoodie versions of your favorite T shirts so you can have the same awesome attitude without freezing to death!

Use Sneaky Layers

If your T shirt is an absolute must, you can get clever by wearing highly insulated layers underneath. Get a skintight vest made of quality material that does not let heat out. This will help maximize your warmth while giving everyone else the impression that you are hardcore enough to wear only a T shirt in winter.

Combine this strategy with a cozy beanie and scarf and you’ll basically be invincible to winter.

Layer Up a T Shirt

Finding ways to wear your T Shirt even in the peak of winter is definitely a challenge. But in some cases, the risk is worth the reward of getting to show off those awesome T shirts you have.

If you are one of those people who live in a place where winters never get that bad, this article might have confused you. But for those of us who have seriously considered canceling our plans just to avoid the short walk to our car through that bitter winter chill, these tips might be exactly what you needed.

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