Holiday T Shirts

4 Holidays That Are Best Celebrated with T Shirts

We all have our favorite holiday of the year. And when that time comes around, our friends and family just have to deal with our crazy level of excitement and holiday spirit. It’s not really celebration unless you go crazy, right?

There are lots of different ways to show your holiday spirit throughout the year. But one of the best ways is to wear a themed T shirt or sweatshirt—especially the classic ugly Christmas sweater.

Here are 4 holidays that are made that much better when you have a themed T shirt to help you get in the mood for some serious celebration:

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is either the perfect time of year to max out your dorky couple status or the perfect time to get back into the dating game. Whichever one you plan on doing next Valentine ’s Day, there is a T shirt for you.

Holiday T ShirtsHoliday T Shirts

For the couples out there, try a bluntly honest T shirt to express your commitment. Alternatively, you can go for more classic romance with this T shirt. For the single folks out there, let all those potential suitors know what you have to offer with this T shirt.

St Patrick’s Day

On St Patrick’s Day, the Irish in all of us comes out to party—even if there technically isn’t any Irish in us. Irish or not, we can all show our pride and our team spirit on this perfect excuse to get drunk, I mean, holiday.

Holiday T Shirts

Fourth of July

If there is just one thing America does right, it is patriotism—and cheeseburgers. But mostly patriotism. On America’s Independence Day, we combine everything that is great about America into one epic fire hazard filled holiday.

Show your red-blooded pride with a patriotic T shirt. Get it in red to disguise any ketchup stains or go for a more maroon shade if you’re more of a BBQ sauce kind of person.


Christmas is the holiday that invented “holiday spirit.” If there is only one holiday you decide to dress up for in the year, it’s probably Christmas. Well, unless you don’t celebrate that holiday.

Holiday T Shirts

Try on a sweater that perfectly blends the “ugly Christmas sweater” tradition with your love of cheesy puns. You could also blend Christmas Cheer with Christmas Cynicism in this sweater.

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