T Shirt Outfit

31 Ways to Wear a T-Shirt: Fresh Styles for Each Day of the Month

The T shirt has been a staple of every girl and guy’s wardrobe for decades. You probably already know exactly what your go-to t shirt is for a lazy day lounging around the house.

It might be covered in assorted snacking-related stains. It might dawn a cool, ironic slogan or a glittery pink cat. Maybe it’s a shirt you got for free after completing that marathon like 5 years ago—little did they know it would end up being part of your TV marathon outfit.

Either way, you are probably imagining that T shirt and thinking “there is no way I could possibly get away with wearing that in public and looking like a respectable human being.” Well, it’s time to bust out that stain remover because your T shirts are about to become your newest high fashion accessory!

T Shirt Outfit

Read on to find 31 ways to wear your T-shirt and still look stylish—that is, without looking like you just rolled out of bed, looked down at your PJs and thought “Meh.”

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Week 1

Alright, it’s a brand new month and you’re full of optimism and hope, even if that optimism is mainly related to the idea that you will soon be able to have the style of a fashion forward, put together person matched with the comfort of wearing a T shirt all day.

Here’s your first week of outfit inspirations:

Day 1

Put on your favorite motivational T shirt (perhaps a nice “feelin’ myself” or “believe in your #selfie”) and pair it with a slick dark blazer or menswear jacket and a pair of printed or solid dark tone slacks.

Slap on a pair of pumps and you can walk out of your door like you own the world.

T Shirt Outfit

Day 2

Today, let’s go for a more casually fashionable look. Put on your favorite pair of jeans—that pair that makes your butt look absolutely amazing. Top it with a T shirt in a lighter tone. White is always a solid option but don’t be afraid to get colorful!

Layer it with a (faux) fur coat and a pair of adorable neutral tone ankle boots and feel like a queen.

Day 3

It is day 3 and you’re on a roll, conquering the world in your t shirts. Keep up the momentum by wearing a pair of comfy but stylish pin stripe slacks (you can go for thicker stripes or another print if you like) with a fresh T shirt.

Top that off with an edgy but feminine leather jacket and either sleek flats or pumps.

T Shirt Outfit

Day 4

Start with a dark toned T shirt with an awesome print (maybe your favorite presidential candidate, for example). Tuck that in to a pair of light beige pants and then dawn a light toned or grey wool jacket.

You can pair this with just about any kind of shoes. Wear sneakers to dress it down, ankle boots to elevate it or a simple pair of flat to keep it fashionable but comfortable.

Day 5

Let’s go back to those favorite pair of jeans but this time, top them with a light toned print shirt. If the weather’s warm enough, go without any other layers. Then, put on your favorite pair of strappy heels to really elevate this otherwise casual outfit.

Finally, seal the deal with an eye-catching statement piece necklace.

T Shirt Outfit

Day 6

It’s almost the end of the week so let’s start to up the fun side of the T shirt. Don’t be afraid to dress a little loud sometimes. Get out your favorite color shirt—a tone that really complements your eyes or hair.

Tuck it in to a floor-length flowy skirt—preferably with an interesting pattern. Wear your cute strappy flat sandals underneath and if you want, a brown braided belt around your waist to emphasize your figure.

Day 7

Today, you can tuck a dark toned T shirt into a light toned, above the knee A-line skirt. Slap on a chunky belt and opened toed chunky heels to give the outfit a cute, coordinated look. The inverted colors of the dark T shirt with the lighter skirt give a unique edge to this look.

T Shirt Outfit

Week 2

You’ve made it through one week of great T shirt styles and you are on a roll. Continue your month long celebration of the glorious T shirt with these new inspirations:

Day 8

It’s a new week and time to get back to business. Go with a white or light toned shirt on top of a black or gray pencil skirt. Top it with a black or grey blazer or menswear jacket. You can decide whether you want to go with matching tones for the jacket and skirt or just coordinated colors.

Then finish it off by slipping on a pair of nude or very transparent black tights and your favorite pumps.

Day 9

Show off your sweet and approachable side without sacrificing professionalism today. Wear a knee-length A-line skirt with a nice (but not too flashy) colorful pattern. Top it with a tucked in white T shirt and a pastel menswear jacket in a color that coordinates (but doesn’t match) with the skirt.

T Shirt Outfit

A pair of comfy but sleek silver flats would make the perfect final touch on this adorably professional outfit.

Day 10

For a great middle of the week outfit, go with something that blends business and comfort so perfectly, people will assume you invented “business casual.” Tuck a white T shirt (either plain or with a cool print on it) into a knee-length, fitted dark gray jersey skirt.

Then, slip on a black menswear jacket. You can roll the sleeves up a little to look like you’re really getting down to business. Complete this outfit with a pair of simple, dark pumps.

Day 11

Be ready to transition from daytime professional to queen of the night in an elegant, form-fitting black lace skirt with a white or light toned T shirt tucked in above it. Add a brown belt, nude heels, and either nude or transparent black tights.

Use a simple black purse for the day but switch to a snake skin clutch for after work drinks.

T Shirt Outfit

Day 12

Go a little more casual today with the classic white shirt and jeans combo. But give it a stylish girly twist by adding a pair of chunky suede ankle boots and a flowy pink chiffon poncho. Alternatively, you can go with a light, print scarf instead.

Day 13

Brighten up the end of your week by pairing a light toned T shirt with a pair of bright solid tone pants (a sunny yellow, for example). Slide on a pair of dark brown ankle boots and if it’s cold, a cozy wool jacket.

Day 14

Get comfy and chic in a pair of suede shorts. Tuck in a T shirt (light or dark toned, depending on your mood) and add a dark belt to hold it all together.

You can choose between flats or sneakers to finish off this great outfit. If it’s a little chilly outside, go with a jean jacket on top and maybe even a big, neutral toned infinity scarf.

T Shirt Outfit

Week 3

It’s the third week and believe it or not, the T shirt still has not been worn out. There are still so many possibilities to consider:

Day 15

It’s time to bring your game to work with a pair of slim (but not skin-tight) black slacks and a matching black menswear jacket. Underneath all that? Your trusty white T shirt, of course. A cool print would add some nice detail.

Put the finishing touches on this with a pair of silver or grey heels and a coordinated, bold choker necklace.

Day 16

Blend professional, edgy, and feminine by tucking a white T shirt into a flowy, black, above the knee skirt. Then, add a leather jacket and a pair of neutral tone pumps and you are ready to go.

T Shirt Outfit

Day 17

Today, go for playful professional by tucking a white or light toned T shirt into a flowy, floor length solid blue skirt. Add a brown leather belt and either brown or black ankle boots to bring in that element of professionalism.

To make this more work friendly, add a neutral tone blazer or menswear coat.

Day 18

Put together the right blend of business and casual in today’s outfit. Wear a pair of comfy, fitted (but not skin tight) jeans with a light toned T shirt tucked in on top. Add a khaki overcoat and a pair of basic, sleek black pumps and voila!

T Shirt Outfit

Day 19

Bring a little edge to your style for a casual night of drinks with your friends. Wear your best dark tone skinny jeans with a white or light toned print T shirt. You can tuck it in or leave it untucked, your choice.

Top it with a pair of nice open toed heels and a leather vest. Finally, complete the edgy look with an animal print clutch.

Day 20

Go bold but simple with primary colors today. Put on your favorite jeans, a white T shirt and a bright yellow cardigan. Then, tie it all together with a solid blue belt. If you are feeling extra colorful, complete the theme with bright red heels. Otherwise, a neutral tone heel will work just as well.

T Shirt Outfit

Day 21

Today, you are probably in need of great end of the week outfit to go have brunch with your friends. Pair a light toned T shirt (preferably with a fun and sassy statement printed on it) with a pair of jean shorts that have an adorable floral print on them.

Add a pair of simple lace up sneakers or cute but neutral flats and you are ready for those bottomless mimosas!

Week 4

You have reached the final week of this epic “T shirt a day” month. But that doesn’t mean there are any less options for styling your T shirt in new and creative ways.

Day 22

Go for maximum comfort today with a pair of fitted sweatpants (preferably a pair that still looks clean and stylish) and a light toned T shirt. Add a sleek black bag and a pair of light brown sued ankle boots to make this otherwise comfy look a little more high fashion.

T Shirt Outfit

Day 23

Get a little funky today by wearing a white T shirt tucked into a pair of billowy black and white print pants. Complete the look with a black or grey menswear jacket, bright yellow pumps and a bold red purse.

Day 24

Keep the creative streak going by wearing a pair of pastel print skinny jeans and a white T shirt with a cool print. Then, make it a little more professional by throwing on a pair of pastel heels and a black menswear jacket.

Day 25

Bring out your feminine side today by tucking a light toned T shirt into a neutral tone pleated above the knee skirt. Add a tan or light brown purse and a pair of white flats or dress shoes to give this look even more style.

T Shirt Outfit

Day 26

The T shirt has been the star of the show all month. So let’s change things up as this last week comes to a close. Put on a simple white or light toned T shirt, a black leather jacket, and matching black heels. For pants, slip into a pair of jungle print (or animal print leggings).

At a party, you’ll catch everyone’s eye and, as a bonus, if you find yourself lost in a jungle, you’ll blend perfectly!

Day 27

Today, it’s time to keep it chic with maximum comfort. Pull on a pair of dark navy blue skinny jeans and a light toned T shirt with an awesome (potentially not work friendly) print or statement on it. Leave it untucked.

A pair of neutral tone flats and cheetah print sunglasses will add a higher style factor to this simple outfit. Complete it with a black leather tote and get ready to take on the day.

T Shirt Outfit

Day 28

Up the edge factor by wearing a light toned T shirt over a pair of leather pants. Add a pair of sleek black pumps to maximize the edge even more. Then, if you want to add a note of playfulness, put on a bright solid tone blazer or menswear jacket. Bright yellow or bright blue are great options but bright red can also be a great statement piece.

Weekend Styles

The last few days of the month call for some extra fun (and comfort). These last outfits are simple but still let you look surprisingly fantastic in a T shirt:

Day 29

It’s the weekend! Put on your cutest mini skirt and tuck in a dark toned t shirt with an edgy statement or print on it. Slip on a pair of matte black tights and add a pop of color with some cute ankle boots or pumps.

Finish it off with a pair of awesome shades to up the cool factor that much more.

T Shirt Outfit

Day 30

So maybe you had a little too much fun last night and you are in no mood to dress up. But that’s no reason not to look chic and put together. So put on a pair of jean shorts and sneakers.

Then slip on your favorite T shirt and tie it at the waist to show a little midriff. Wear a nice dark pair of sunglasses and you are ready to face the way-too-bright sunny day.

Day 31

On the last day of the weekend, you have probably had some time to recover and now you’re ready to be on the top of your cuteness game. Wear a light toned T shirt so you look bright and cheerful. Tie it up to show some midriff.

T Shirt Outfit

Then wear a fun, flowy (and preferably colorful or printed) skirt with a pair of flat, strappy sandals.

The possibilities are endless! With these inspiring ideas, you have probably already started to think of your own unique combinations to start incorporating your T shirt collection into your regular wardrobe.

With so much versatility, you’re going to want to add tons more cool T shirts to your collection!

31 Ways To Wear T-Shirt

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