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30 More Memes that Need to Become T Shirts

In the world of memes, it’s more than just photoshopped images. I mean, yes, it’s a whole lot of photoshopped images. But there’s also viral videos and who can forget the remixes and parodies of those viral videos?

Just because they are in video format does not mean these memes can’t be a great source of inspiration for custom T shirts! Why not put your favorite video meme stars on a T shirt so you can represent in real life as well?

Here are 30 of our favorite video memes that we think would look awesome on a custom print T shirt. If you don’t see your favorite on the list, that just means your custom T shirt will be even more unique and representative of your personal style!

#1 Thug Life

Sometimes the best examples of the thug life are the kids who have been living it from birth. Choose your favorite thug life hero to get printed on your own custom T shirt. Then you will always have a source of inspiration to keep you going through the day.

memes for t shirts

#2 Ain’tNobody Got Time for That

Sweet Brown perfectly expressed the way we feel all too often in our lives during a TV interview about a fire in which she declared “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” The quote was quickly picked up and remixed into a catchy song.

Now you can make it into an awesome and always relevant T shirt.

#3 Pants on the Ground

In 2010, this American Idol audition video went viral. General Larry Platt wrote his own song about, you guessed it, pants on the ground. He also shows us some pretty awesome dance moves.

Get a video still of him in the middle of an amazing dance move and get that printed along with the “pants on the ground” quote to make a super cool custom T shirt.

memes for t shirts

#4 Little Superstar

This little kid pulls off some fresh dance moves in a 1990 film from India. The clip from the film was rediscovered and went viral in 2006. Get this little guy printed on a T shirt so you, too, can feel like a little superstar in real life!

#5 Sneezing Baby Panda

Wearing T shirts with adorable animals printed on them is always in fashion—cat sweaters, anyone? But getting a T shirt with a picture of that sneezing baby panda and her startled mom is a timeless fashion statement.

#6 Nintendo Sixty FOOOOOOOOOUR!

Any 90s kid will remember the gaming revolution that was the N64. I mean, how amazing were those 3D graphics? These kids perfectly capture just how exciting that moment in history was.

Get a custom T shirt with their excited faces on it to please the true gamers in your life. It’s the perfect gift idea. Hint: even if you get it for yourself, you can still call it a gift.

memes for t shirts

#7 Afro Ninja

This amazing audition video outtake of a man attempting to show off his killer nun chuck skills went viral back in the days before YouTube. Now that’s impressive. So add a little piece of internet history to your T shirt collection by getting a print of this guy doing his cool moves.

#8 Time for Some Campaignin’

This somehow both adorable and unsettling video came out during the 2004 election season. It still feels relevant every 4 years when that time rolls around again. Plus, the cut out animation would make the perfect design on a custom T shirt!

#9 Keyboard Cat

The internet and cats go together like, well, a crazy cat lady and her cats. The oddly tolerant cat from this 2007 viral video would make a great design for a T shirt. Who doesn’t love a cat wearing people clothes and playing the keyboard?

memes for t shirts

#10 Don’t Tase Me, Bro

A University of Florida student was caught on video being tased by police officers during a Kerry forum. The video soon went viral and remixes and parodies of the now famous “don’t tase me bro” flooded the internet.

Design your very own “Don’t tase me bro” T shirt to wear at all political events, rallies, protests or anywhere else you might run the risk of getting tased.

#11 Will It Blend?

In 2007, Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson mastered the art of viral marketing when he made an infomercial style video for their latest blender. In it, he blends an iphone to dust.

We think a custom T shirt of the CEO holding up the glass of iphone dust would be a great addition to anyone’s collection of awesome, unique T shirts.

#12 Tron Guy

Tron Guy is basically what the internet would look like if it was a living person. Here he is on America’s Got Talent where he is clearly not being appreciated for his talent.

memes for t shirts

If you’re not ready to commit to wearing a full Tron body suit like he is, a custom T shirt with him in his full spandex glory is probably the next best thing.

#13 Charlie Bit Me

Immediately after cats, the next most beloved thing by the internet are babies and small children doing weird things. In this viral video, a baby laughs menacingly after his brother complains about being bitten.

Get that adorably mischievous baby face printed on your own shirt for when you are in an equally mischievous mood.

#14 Matrix Ping Pong

Japanese game shows have become world famous for their high level of weirdly creative challenges and competitions—some of which most of wish we could un-see. In 2005, the game was Matrix Ping Pong.

This was a game where two teams of two people dressed in black body suits working together to operate as a single ping pong player competed against each other. The normal rules of ping pong were in place. But they had to do it while doing Matrix style poses.

Yeah, it’s kind of something you just have to watch for yourself. But just picture a custom T shirt featuring this bizarre scene of matrix ping pong? You will be sure to have one of the most unique T shirts ever.

memes for t shirts

#15 Ask a Ninja

Back in 2005, the ninja in this video started a whole series of informational videos where a man dressed as a ninja answered your most pressing questions. Get a custom T shirt with this helpful ninja to show off your perfect blend of helpfulness and combat skills.

#16 Aussie Party

House parties in Australia apparently get pretty hardcore—especially the ones thrown by this kid who seems bent on making the worst possible life and fashion choices.

Getting him printed on a T shirt will give you the perfect thing to wear to any party where you intend to help things get way, way out of hand.

#17 The Hawaii Chair

Infomercials are always a great source of entertainment. The kinds of products that you can discover when you just marathon the infomercial channel at 2 in the morning can leave you speechless.

The Hawaii chair was designed to help you work out without actually having to workout. Our favorite image is of the older gentleman sitting on the gyrating chair, saying “this feels great on my abs.”

memes for t shirts

There are just so many moments in this infomercial that would be great on a T shirt.

#18 Trololo Sing Along

The lyrics to this Soviet era pop sensation are truly unforgettable. So much depth, so much emotion, so much ‘trololo.’ We can’t think of anything better than this man’s smiling face with those amazing lyrics quoted below it.

This video is subtitled so you can take your pick when choosing which “line” of the song to quote.

#19 I’m F****** Matt Damon

Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon teamed up to make a truly heartfelt music video for Jimmy Kimmel, her boyfriend at the time. The title alone would make a great quote for a T shirt. You could also match the quote with a picture of Matt Damon to really drive your point home.

#20 Boom Goes the Dynamite

The college kid in this video may not have a future in live sports coverage—or even prerecorded sports coverage, or anything else that involves putting this kid on TV—but he achieved his 15 minutes of fame in 2005 for his weirdly calm and forced tone when he says “boom goes the dynamite.”

Both his awkward TV presence and this quote would be great ideas for a custom T shirt.

memes for t shirts

#21 Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama

In 2006, residents of Mobile became convinced that a leprechaun had moved into their neighborhood. One skeptic argued that “it could be a crackhead”, another showed off his “leprechaun flute” and countless others discussed their methods for capturing the leprechaun.

But probably the best moment is the “Amateur sketch” of what the leprechaun looks like. Get that sketch printed on your very own custom T shirt—maybe even add the “it could be a crackhead” line. You’ll have the single most creative St Patrick’s day T shirt on earth.

#22 Winnebago Man

This man’s attempt to make a commercial about the Winnebago RV back in 1988 seems to have gone terribly wrong. It’s full of that retro 80s vibe and plenty of cursing. Clearly, this is a man who has had just about enough of his job.

We all have those days. So why not get your own T shirt with a picture of him posing next to a Winnebago and complete it with your favorite quote from the video.

#23 No NoNo Cat

If you thought you were going to read through a top 30 meme list and see only one reference to cats, you really should have known better. This really weird cat sounds like a scared toddler when it meows.

memes for t shirts

The excessive fluffiness makes it a great candidate for a custom T shirt design. Place his famous “No NoNo” quote below the image and where it whenever you are being forced to go somewhere or do something you do not want to do.

#24 Dramatic Chipmunk

In 2007, this 6 second video was released and soon reached over 45 million views. It features a chipmunk on its hind legs, turning to look over its shoulders in shock. In combination with the music, it makes for one of the best ways to express shock on the internet.

But as you know, there are also shocking things in the real world. Be prepared to express yourself fully by getting this little chipmunk printed on your very own custom T shirt.

#25 David After Dentist

While we don’t advocate drugs for children, seeing a child after coming out of anesthesia at the dentist is still just too funny not to watch. This video went viral fast and to date, has more than 130 million views.

There are so many great moments that would look great on a T shirt. One of the best quotes is when he asks “Is this real life?” but other great T shirt quotes include “Why is this happening to me?” and “Is this gonna be forever?”

#26 Leave Britney Alone

We all face tough moments in life where we have to stand up for our friends—or celebrities—when they get ganged up on. Chris Crocker’s viral video was one of those moments.

memes for t shirts

His impassioned plea to “leave Britney alone” would be the perfect T shirt to wear when you can just no longer sit by and watch the world be so cruel to wealthy, privileged celebrities.

#27 Leeroy Jenkins

The meme started when a gamer whose character was named Leeroy Jenkins decided to leave the computer to get some food. Meanwhile, his teammates developed an elaborate battle strategy for the coming fight—a strategy which Jenkins heard none of.

When he returns to the computer, he runs into battle shouting his own name while his team sighs in disappointment. It is now the battle cry of computer gamers and fellow nerds. Getting “Leeroy Jenkins” on a T shirt is probably the ultimate way to express your “go getter” attitude.

#28 Star Wars Kid

This video of an overweight teen practicing his Jedi moves went viral after his classmates uploaded the video in 2002. While they clearly uploaded it in an attempt to embarrass, I think he has since become our hero.

He inspires us to never give up on our dreams. And now you can inspire others to do the same by getting him put on a custom T shirt.

#29 Chocolate Rain

Another meme from the archives, this song came out in 2007. It now has over 100 million views and is probably still stuck in some people’s heads. Get your favorite line  from the song on a T shirt and represent your love for all things internet.

memes for t shirts

#30 Hotline Bling

Drake’s latest hit from October, 2015 came with a video featuring the artist performing some pretty odd dance moves. The dancing quickly transformed into a meme complete with remixes, parodies, and photoshopped GIFs.

Face it, you know you want a T shirt with Drake in one of the peculiar poses from this video!

The internet is full of so much great (and terrible) stuff that there is no shortage of inspiration for making your own custom T shirts. It’s time to take the internet back out onto the streets by memorializing its best moments in your wardrobe!

So choose your favorite meme and make a custom design to help add even more awesome to your collection! Now you can express yourself as perfectly in real life as you do on the internet!

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