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16 Hoodie Fashion Ideas: How to Wear Hoodies

Your favorite hoodie is probably the comfiest and the coziest thing you own. It’s the perfect thing to wrap up in on a cold day. Add a cup of tea or hot chocolate and your favorite TV show, and you are in cozy heaven.

It’s even better when that hoodie is one that you stole from your boyfriend, right? However you managed to get your hoodie collection (no judgments here!), it’s time to bring them out of hiding and make them a key part of your style.

Hoodies can be a great layer to add to a stylish outfit so you can have that cozy comfort even when you are bringing your fashion game. Try out some of these 16 outfits that incorporate hoodies:

Hoodie Style #1

For this first idea, let the hoodie be the star of the show. Pair a dark toned hoodie with black, skinny jeans and light toned sneakers or boots (depending on how much you want to elevate this basic outfit). You can also add a messy bun or a more cleaned up up-do and chunky earrings to add a little more style to this one.

Hoodie Outfit

Hoodie Style #2

On those freezing winter days, go for fashion and function by layering a dark toned hoodie under a sleek neutral tone overcoat. Complete the look with a pair of black leggings or skinny jeans and black ankle boots. This will give you some edge without being too dark and colorless.

Hoodie Style #3

Go for a little more high fashion by putting a white or light tone fitted hoodie under a dark fitted blazer. Put this on top of dark slacks or navy blue skinny jeans and black pumps. You can wear this to the office or just out on the town.

Hoodie Style #4

If you want to be extra edgy, wear a dark tone, fitted hoodie under a black or gray leather vest. Add a touch of playfulness and fun by wearing a pair of bright yellow pants or a pair of pants with a colorful pattern underneath. Then, finish it off with some black ankle boots or pumps.

Wear Hoodies

Hoodie Style #5

When it’s Friday night and you want to look super cute but you’re not about freezing to death, let the hoodie come to your rescue. Put on your favorite fitted dress, a pair of black tights (matte or transparent) and some nude heels. Then, top it all off with a light tone fitted hoodie.

Hoodie Style #6

Go for maximum comfort and maximum adorableness by pairing a loose hoodie (dark or light tone) with some comfy black leggings and a pair of light or neutral tone ankle boots. You’ll be comfy and cozy but still super stylish.

Hoodie Style #7

Go for the edgy biker look by pairing a fitted dark tone hoodie with a black leather jacket and a pair of navy blue skinny jeans. You can either choose to stick with the edge by putting on a pair of black leather boots or dress it up a little by adding a pair of bright red pumps.

Wear Hoodies

Hoodie Style #8

Another great look combines edge and fun colors. Wear a light tone hoodie on top of leather pants and your favorite animal print heels. This look will have the perfect finish if you wear a bold red on your lips and some dramatic eye makeup.

Hoodie Style #9

If you are looking for a more casual and comfortable version of the previous outfit, you can change the heels for a pair of neutral tone suede ankle boots. Go for a fitted, light tone hoodie and throw a jean jacket on top of it. A messy bun and coral lips will be the cherry on top for this casual and stylish outfit.

Hoodie Style #10

In this outfit, you’ll ditch the pants and go for something a little more feminine. Pair a fitted light or neutral tone hoodie with a floor length red skirt that will have everyone staring as you pass them on the street. Finish this off with a black leather jacket and a flowy hairstyle (maybe a messy braid or some windblown curls). Go for a dark ankle boot or sandals underneath the skirt.

Wear Hoodies

Hoodie Style #11

You can also take the hoodie to work! Wear it on top of a pair of khaki slacks, black pumps and a fitted white T shirt (tucked into the slacks). If it’s chilly out, add a neutral tone or dark winter overcoat.

Hoodie Style #12

This comfortable outfit lets the hoodie do what it does best: be comfy and cozy. Pair an oversized dark tone hoodie with a pair of jean shorts and a tucked in white T shirt. Complete this comfy look by wearing a pair of ankle high sneakers or boots (with no heel).

Hoodie Style #13

This look is great for going out for some drinks or heading into the office (or both!). Wear a sleek, fitted hoodie on top of a knee length pencil skirt. Add a pair of cute neutral tone boots, nude tights, and a clean, pulled back hair do.

Wear Hoodies

Hoodie Style #14

Go for some all American comfortable style with this look. Put on a pair of light (or faded) blue skinny jeans and some cowboy boots. Complete the look with a loose (but not oversized) hoodie. You can go for a lighter or darker tone hoodie depending on the mood you are in.

Hoodie Style #15

Go for a comfortable fashionista look with this outfit. Wear a light tone fitted hoodie on top of leather pants. Add a bold fur vest (faux is fine) and bright colored pumps. For your hair, either messy curls or a pulled back do are both great options.

Hoodie Style #16

For this last look, you’ll find the right blend of playful and stylish. Pair a solid color, neutral or dark fitted hoodie with your favorite pair of colorful patterned pants. Preferably pants with a little flow or ruffle to them but they should end with a closed, fitted hem that grips your ankle. Complete the look with a pair of neutral or dark heels.

Wear Hoodies

With inspirational ideas like these, you now have plenty of ways to start wearing your favorite hoodies outside. Build up your hoodie collection for more options!

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