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10 Fantastic Reasons to Get Your Own Awesome Custom T Shirts

There are plenty of great reasons to get customized T shirts so this list is by no means exhaustive. These are just 10 of our favorite reasons to get custom T shirts.

Whether you want a bulk order for your business or organization or a single T shirt for yourself or as a super unique gift, you can get your needs met. Some custom T shirt printers only take bulk orders so if you are looking for smaller orders, you’ll have to check and make sure you find a place that offers that service.

Display Your Awesome Wit and Creativity

Maybe you are an undiscovered comedian or maybe you and your friends just come up with some hilarious jokes whenever you get together. With custom T shirts, you can take things to the next level!

Start writing down your favorite jokes or witty statements—hey, maybe you are an awesome philosopher, too—that would be perfect if printed across a T shirt that you can boldly wear in public.

get your own t shirts

When people ask where you got it or where the quote is from, put on your very smuggest and most pretentious grin as you tell them “I came up with it myself!” You, your wit, and your fashion will all be 100% OG.

Promotional Merchandise for Your Business or Organization

If you have got a business or an organization, you know how it important it is to promote. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or you are well established. I mean, do you see Coca Cola or McDonalds slowing down with their promotional efforts?

There are a few different ways to promote your business or organization, as you probably know. But nothing does it quite like a T shirt. Especially if that T shirt is a free giveaway item (but more on that later).

Wearing a T shirt with your own organization on it will help increase brand awareness and get your name in people’s minds before they even know they need you. You can add cool graphics and a website address as well for even better results increase brand awareness and get your name in people’s minds before they even know they need you. You can add cool graphics and a website address as well for even better results.

get your own t shirts

Basically, a custom T shirt for your business is like a business card that you can wear. Which, if you ask me, is way cooler than just a normal business card.

Sweet Band Shirts

Whether your band has yet to break out of the garage or you are platinum record success, your fans are going to want merchandise. CDs might be a thing of the past as digital downloads take over but band shirts will never be replaced.

I mean, unless people decide they no longer need to wear clothes in public, band shirts will always be a great way to not only make a little extra cash for your band but also to spread your name.

People love band shirts. They even wear band shirts for bands they have never listened to! So come up with a cool design that represents your band and get a bulk order of custom designed T shirts.

get your own t shirts

Sell them at shows and online or just give them to your loyal fans (in other words, your mom and your best friends). Get people talking about you and sharing their passion for your music.

Create a Sense of Team Spirit

If you have a group of people and you need them to cooperate, you have a few options available. You can bust out a big psychology textbook and learn how to trick them into feeling a sense of team spirit.

You could also try to threaten them into cooperation but your results may be less than stellar. So why not just order a set of custom T shirts? If everyone is wearing the same shirt, they will automatically feel like they are on the same team.

This is actually a psychological trick, since humans have a sort of instinct to bond with people who are in shared circumstances. Wearing the same shirt—whether they do it willingly or not—is a shared circumstance that will make them more likely to cooperate.

That team spirit is made even stronger by the fact that they know these are uniquely designed shirts specifically for them. Nobody else in the world but the people on their team have this particular shirt.

get your own t shirts

If it works for professional sports teams, it will work for your team!

Promotional Merchandise for Your Events

As a business or organization, there are probably a few different kinds of events you will either host or attend in your career. You can increase the reward of these events by creating custom T shirts specifically for the event.

For example, let’s say you are at a trade show. You can get custom T shirts for your team to wear. This will help create a sense of team spirit and cooperation as mentioned above.

You can also make custom T shirts to give away as promotional merchandise. People love getting free stuff. And a custom T shirt is a great unique giveaway item to spread your name and increase awareness.

Super Unique Gifts

If you’ve got a friend or family member’s birthday coming up and you are stumped for gift ideas, why not consider a custom T shirt? You can order just one (or a couple for you and a few friends) and make it the most unique gift ever.

get your own t shirts

Use your creative talents to come up with a super awesome and unique design to print on it. You could also put an inside joke on it. Whatever you choose, you are sure to have a gift that is a true one of a kind.

Some of the benefits of this are:

  1. You know for a fact that they do not already own it.
  2. You know for a fact that nobody else owns it either.
  3. You will win crazy points for creativity and uniqueness. If you weren’t the best friend already, you are on the fast track to becoming the best friend now!

Commemorative Merchandise for Parties or Reunions

Family reunions, bachelor(ette) parties, milestone birthdays, and other events are also made better by the addition of custom T shirts. You can put some sort of dorky or clever quote or picture that represents the group of people involved or the event itself.

get your own t shirts

Getting custom T shirts for events like these will give everyone involved something tangible to remind them of that awesome day and all the memories that were made. Anytime you are feeling nostalgic, you can put that T shirt on and remember the even fondly.

Super Cool Giveaway Item

A custom T shirt is one of the most effective promotional giveaway items you can get. Well, I mean, a custom car might be more promotional but the cost is a little prohibitive. Custom T shirts definitely get you the most bang for your buck.

And that can be literal if you combine it with a T shirt cannon. The mesmerizing power a T shirt cannon launching custom T shirts has on a crowd cannot be adequately measured.

People simply love getting free stuff. And they love it even more when that free stuff is being launched at them from a cannon. So get a bulk order of cool custom T shirts for the next event where you plan to do a promotional giveaway.

get your own t shirts

A helpful side note: you can increase the promotional effects if you design a T shirt that actually has a cool, interesting print on it—something that people would enjoy wearing—instead of just your brand. Include your brand, too, of course. But make the shirt an actually fashionable item of clothing as well for better results.

Promotional Merchandise for Fundraisers and Other Causes

If you are having a fundraiser or promoting another charitable cause, custom T shirts are a great way to spread awareness and increase motivation.

Offering a free T shirt in exchange for donations can increase the amount of money you get since people are more willing to spend when they know they are getting something back in return.

Custom T shirts are also great for fundraiser events like marathons where you can give participants T shirts at the end to thank them. Each time anyone wears the T shirt after that, they are helping to spread awareness about your cause.

get your own t shirts

Unique Employee Uniforms

Uniforms are a great way to make employees feel like they are all on the same team and working for the same goals. That’s why so many businesses (and sports teams and other organizations) use uniforms.

Some businesses choose to just have a dress code rather than a uniform but this will not have the same effect as giving everyone a custom T shirt. This shows that they have officially been initiated into the team since they now have an item that nobody else has unless they are also part of that team.

Custom T shirts for your employees are also great promotional opportunities. Printing a unique design on it adds a touch of professionalism and uniqueness to your brand. Customers will start to recognize this and recognize your brand more easily.

After reading this list, you might be filled with inspiration about all the different ways you can use a custom T shirt. Next time you are stumped for a gift or the next time you need a cool giveaway for your event, custom T shirts will be there for you!

get your own t shirts

There are tons of other reasons beyond these 10 to get custom T shirts. So think creatively and find out how you can use custom T shirts in your own life. Whether you are an artist that wants to see your design on the front of a shirt or an undiscovered comedian that wants to get your jokes out there, custom T shirt can help you!

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